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Zillya! Antivirus

A reliable program that provides protection for your computer
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Zillya! Antivirus is a powerful program that provides protection to your computer against a large number of threats. With this program you can perform a quick scan, which analyzes your critical system components in order to detect malware, a full scan of all drives including removable media and custom scan that allows you to scan only a certain drive that you choose.

The actions that you can perfom on the detected threats are: ignore, quarantine, delete, exclude or hide. At the end of each scanning process, you are provided with access to a scan report that shows you the date, time and duration of the last scan. The scan report also shows you the found threats and the actions that were performed.

Zillya! Antivirus also integrates a mail scan feature that allows you to scan all the incoming and outgoing email messages for infected attachments.

The program provides a task manager that lists all the programs and processes that are running on your system and gives you the possibility to end a task or terminate a process. Zillya! Antivirus also offers a start-up manager that enables you to choose which program you want to run when your system starts.

Therefore, Zillya! Antivirus might be considered a must-have protection program for your computer. It ensures great protection against threats such as viruses, trojans or other malware, and it comes completely free.

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